Carpeting Plants

Carpeting Plants Help and Advice

Establish a beautiful underwater garden

Carpet plants will happily establish themselves along the substrate in your aquarium forming what's known as a carpet. Creating a beautiful carpet of plants in an aquarium can simulate vast open fields, provide grazing, cover for shrimp and overall has a unique appeal to aquarists. Find a range of plants from Tropica here at Swell UK.

What are carpeting plants?

Carpeting plants are available in a multitude of different species, they are a great way for aquascapers to create an underwater forest. Be sure to maintain and prune your plants to keep your aquascape looking neat.

Why should I buy carpeting plants?

Carpeting plants are a fresh green colour that complements wood, rocks and other plants extraordinary well in your tank. The plants are free from snails, algae and pesticides, so you can be 100% confident that they are completely safe for delicate fish. They make a great habitat for bottom dwellers, shrimp and fry. Provide shelter from bigger tank mates and are a great source of food since shrimp and small fry.

What are the main types of carpeting plants?

Swell UK has plenty of different species of live aquarium plants for your tank. Picking the right plant to create your carpet can make all the difference, as some are more difficult to grow and maintain than others and they all provide a slightly different look and feel within the aquascape. Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis from South America can grow very compact, but a "lawn effect'' (4-7 cm tall) is only achieved at high light intensity. Glossostigma Elatinoides is one of the smallest aquarium plants (2-3 cm tall), and thus a good foreground plant.

What features should you look out for?

At Swell UK, the carpeting plants we sell have lots of mass and healthy, well-developed roots so each pot has been divided into several portions of individual plants which can then be planted separately.

What accessories might I need?

Many carpet plants require good levels of lighting to thrive. Good flow will help to provide CO2 to the lower areas of your aquarium where your carpet plants can absorb it. Depending on the care level of your plants, we would recommend investing in CO2 kits and light tubes specially designed for plant growth to help your aquascape really thrive.