CO2 Pressure Gauges

CO2 Pressure Gauges Help and Advice

Precision pressure CO2 regulators

We carry a range of pressure gauges to ensure you can monitor the pressure of CO2 into your aquarium and monitor the cylinder pressure. Check out our range, featuring leading manufacturers like JBL.

What are CO2 pressure gauges?

CO2 pressure gauges are pretty straightforward. They are regulators for CO2 canisters and are designed to dose your planted aquarium with just the right amount of CO2 to ensure healthy plant growth.

Why should I buy CO2 pressure gauges?

CO2 pressure gauges provide a cost-effective and reliable solution to meet the needs of anyone looking to add CO2 to their aquarium. The integrated solenoid valve enables CO2 dosing at specified times through a timer plug or pH controller while dual pressure gauges display the cylinder pressure and output working pressure.

What are the main types of CO2 pressure gauges?

A basic regulator will be equipped with one meter. However, a more advanced regulator will have two gauges, one displaying operating pressure and one showing the pressure in the gas bottle, which can also be used as an indicator of how much gas is left. Conveniently, the JBL Pro Flora m 001 regulator has a pre-set working pressure, so no need to adjust although it can be done if necessary. This pressure gauge can be used with both refillable or disposable canisters and with two pressure instruments you can study the levels of cylinders and working pressure.

What accessories should I buy with CO2 pressure gauges?

Solenoid valves are commonly used to control the flow of CO2, so you might use them to turn the unit off at night, for example. If your regulator isn't already equipped with a solenoid valve, we recommend purchasing one, as wasted gas is wasted money and could easily be retrieved by investing in a solenoid.