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TDS Monitors

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Help and advice on shopping for: TDS Monitors

Monitor the health of your RO unit

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) monitors allow you to check up on the health and effectiveness of your RO unit. With a TDS monitor, you can check to see if any toxins or minerals are getting through your RO unit before it becomes a bigger problem within your tank. Our range of TDS monitors includes products from leading brands like D&D and TMC.

What are TDS Monitors?

A TDS monitor detects the amount of total dissolved solids within your water after it has been through reverse osmosis. Generally, after reverse osmosis, there should be no, or almost no, dissolved solids within your water. However, over time the membrane and filters within your RO unit will wear down, giving way to large holes and gaps that allow dissolved solids through. By detecting the presence of dissolved solids you can identify when you need to replace the filter or membrane before it becomes a bigger problem for the rest of your tank.

Why should I buy TDS Monitors?

It's impossible to see whether your RO unit is working correctly; toxic and hazardous water looks exactly the same as pure water. However, a TDS monitor can help you ensure that every drop of water deposited in your aquarium has been correctly filtered. It can also be used to measure the presence of remineralising additives to ensure they match the quantities present in your main tank water.

What are the main types of TDS Monitors?

All TDS monitors do the same job to roughly the same degree of accuracy. The biggest difference in our range is the number of TDS monitors included in each product. You may want to set up TDS monitors at multiple stages of your aquarium process, including in your tank, reservoir and before adding remineralising additives, to ensure the right amount of dissolved solids are present.

What should I look for?

There's not much else to think about when it comes to TDS monitors, but you may want to consider the other accessories and parts used with an RO unit including pipework and fittings.