Powerheads help and advice

Create a current in your tank

Powerheads for freshwater, tropical and marine aquariums are a great way to help circulate the water in your aquarium, increasing the health of the organisms in your tank and improving its' already good looks. Our range of powerheads includes aquarium giants like Aquarium Systems, Eheim and TMC.

What are powerheads?

Powerheads are submersible pumps used to create a current within the water of a tank. Generally, they are used in marine tanks in conjunction with live rocks taken from marine environments which can harbour useful marine colonies for biological filtration. Powerheads can also be used for undergravel filtration but this is much less common in modern tanks.

Why should I buy powerheads?

If you're running a tank with a lot of biological filtration, a powerhead is a fantastic way of ensuring that the water flows through all of the bacterial colonies present. Powerheads can also help oxygenate the mix in any chemical treatments, essentially creating effective circulation throughout the tank.

What are the main types of powerheads?

Powerheads are all quite similar in function but the main differences are in the flow rates they produce and the quality of the build. When choosing a powerhead you should try to find a model that offers a suitable flow rate for tanks, most of our models have a suggested tank size to help you make this choice.

What should I look for?

Past flow rate, there's little else to consider when it comes to powerheads, however, you may find it beneficial to think about how the powerhead will fit into your aquascape. If you're going to try to hide your powerhead around live rocks you may want to consider a model of a similar colour to the rocks.