Spares & Accessories

Pump spares and accessories help and advice

Everything you need to maintain your aquarium pump

Fish tank pumps of all kinds sometimes require spares and accessories to keep running, and Swell UK has got it covered. We have a wide range of handy spares and accessories to help you set up any pump system you desire. Our range of spares and accessories includes leading brands like D&D, EasyReefs and Eheim.

What are pump spares and accessories?

Pump spares and accessories cover a wide range of products, but in general, they include anything you need to run auto top ups, dosing pumps, powerheads, water pumps and wavemakers. Armed with the right accessories and spares you will be able to cope with any day-to-day maintenance issues thrown your way.

Why should I buy pump spares and accessories?

Like with most aquarium hardware, anything that has water regularly passing through it is vulnerable to breakage. Consider pump spares and accessories insurance against these issues as they offer everything you'll need to fix problems instantly at home, preventing long-term damage to your tank while you're waiting for a part.

What are the main types of pump spares and accessories?

We stock many types of pump spares and accessories including tubing, pump guards, diffusers, nozzles, impellers and dose containers. Tubing is used to connect the pump to other pieces of hardware, reservoirs and the tank itself. Pump guards protect the pump from large solids that can cause serious damage. Diffusers and nozzles are added to a pump to produce different effects including oxygenation and diversions. Impellers are replacements for the moving parts within your pump and dose containers hold the various treatments for a does pump.

What should I look for?

Plan your pump system carefully, as you map it out you will be able to identify any accessories you require as well as any parts that might need replacements in the future. Once you know what you need, ensure that everything you buy will be compatible with the rest of your tank and hardware by checking each part's specifications.