Water Pumps

Water pumps help and advice

Multipurpose aquarium pumps

Water pumps cover a wide variety of aquarium pumps used for everything from maintaining a current within the tank to moving water between a reservoir and the main tank. Our range of top quality water pumps includes products from top brands like Aquarium Systems, Eheim and Oase.

What are water pumps?

Simply put, water pumps move water from one place to another. Most of the pumps in this range are designed to move water from a reservoir topping up the tank or circulating it through reactors and protein skimmers. A few of the models in this range are also high-flow circulation pumps which are designed to create a flow within your tank to aid biological filtration bacteria.

Why should I buy water pumps?

Water pumps power aquariums. If you're looking to create any type of set-up requiring the movement of water you'll need a water pump of some sort. A reservoir can be a great way to supply water treatments to your tank or just fight the constant evaporation caused by sunlight and heat. Most water pumps are efficient, relatively quiet and easy to set up.

What are the main types of water pumps?

The biggest split in our water pumps range is between sump pumps and dry pumps. Sump pumps are also known as submersible pumps as they are designed to be fully submerged in water, all circulation pumps fall into this category. Dry pumps are designed to be set up external to the tank and will mostly remain dry, except for the chamber the water passes through.

What should I look for?

The biggest concerns when buying a water pump are its flow rate and power consumption. The flow rate will be in the specifications for the model and should give you an idea of the amount of water the pump can move and the speed at which it will move it. The power consumption can also be found in the specifications and will give you an idea of how much the pump will cost to run. Ensure the flow rate is compatible with the other hardware in your tank and that you are happy with the running cost of the pump before purchasing to avoid disappointment.