RO Units Pipework & Fittings

RO units pipework and fittings help and advice

Everything you need to plumb in your RO unit

RO units purify the water from your tap to ensure it is safe for use in your fish tank. However, RO units must be plumbed into a water tap to do this. Our range of pipework and fittings features products from top brands like D&D and TMC to help you plumb in your RO unit successfully and hook it up to the rest of your aquarium hardware.

What are RO units pipework and fittings?

Our range of RO units pipework and fittings is quite diverse but generally, it's made up of connectors, pipework and boosters to integrate your RO unit with a water tap. Each product has been specially designed for use with an RO unit and carefully calibrated to create a level of pressure that will flow through your unit without causing damage to the delicate membrane or filters.

Why should I buy RO units pipework and fittings?

RO units are delicate pieces of aquarium hardware so they must be carefully connected to water taps as high-pressure water could cause a lot of damage. Pipework and fittings protect the RO units while also offering everything you need to move the RO water to a reservoir, where remineralising agents can be added before it is pumped into your tank.

What are the main types of RO units pipework and fittings?

We sell several different RO units pipework and fittings including booster pumps, connectors, pipework and valves. Booster pumps safely increase pressure within the RO unit to improve the rate of filtration. Connects are used to attach the RO unit to your plumbing and then the unit to any pipework. Pipework is just flexible piping that can run from the RO unit to wherever you want to collect the water. Valves are used to cut off the water either fed into or produced by the RO unit.

What should I look for?

RO units pipework and fittings can be used for lots of different RO unit setups so the key is to plan out what you need and where you need the water to be. By carefully planning where your RO unit is going to go, where the reservoir will be and your main tank is, you'll be able to work out which pieces of pipework and fittings are right for you. You may also find it beneficial to stock up on refill cartridges and membranes to keep your pump well maintained as you test different pipework configurations.