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Aquatlantis Splendid 80 Aquarium Kit and Cabinet

179-litre aquarium for coldwater and tropical setups

At a glance...
  • 180 litre aquarium with matching cabinet
  • Designed with a strong aluminium frame
  • Available with or without aquarium kit
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A complete aquarium kit with matching cabinet to house all your fishkeeping supplies nearby.

What is Aquatlantis Splendid 80 Aquarium Kit and Cabinet?

Aquatlantis Splendid 80 Aquarium Kit and Cabinet is a fully equipped 180-litre aquarium made from high-quality glass with a new modern and minimal aluminium profile. Suitable for tropical and coldwater setups, Aquatlantis Splendid 80 comes with LED lighting and an external filtration system with filter media and a 150W heater.

Aquatlantis Splendid 80 Aquarium gives you the choice of purchasing the tank and cabinet with or without electrical equipment. This fish tank is available in black, grey and white finishes with matching cabinets to house all your fishkeeping and aquarium supplies.

What are the features of this aquarium?

Aquatlantis Splendid 80 aquarium features an innovative and low consumption LED light units that is ideal for fish and aquatic plants. With two independent light channels and aluminium housing, this fish tank light ensures a safe and strong fitting in your aquarium.

Aquarium maintenance is made easy, thanks to the Cleansys Pro external filter. It’s equipped with a heater and filter media to perform biological and mechanical filtration. The filter media eliminates polluting residues in your aquarium water ensuring your water is kept at its very best, with clean and fresh water to provide the perfect living environment for your fish. Aquatlantis Splendid 80 can also be set up as a coldwater tank by simply removing the Easyklim+ 150W heater from the external filter.

Does this aquarium come with a matching cabinet?

Yes, Aquatlantis Splendid 80 Aquarium comes with a newly designed matching cabinet that’s accompanied by modern lines and swing doors. The matching cabinet is a reinforced stand that has been purpose-built to support your aquarium. It gives you the storage space for all your aquatic needs and features useful shelves, perfect for tucking away your aquarium equipment and storing your fish food and maintenance items too.

What are the benefits of aquarium filters?

Aquarium filters ensure your water is healthy and crystal clear by using a variety of filter media. The Cleansys Pro 730 external aquarium filter is a quiet running filter with low power consumption. Fiber in this aquarium filter acts as a highly effective pre-filter, retaining smaller particles of pollution within your aquarium water. Through chemical absorption, activated carbon removes dissolved organic waste, bad odours, colours, and toxins from aquarium water. In order to purify water, coarse foam is specially designed to promote an intensive biological decomposition of contaminants. Generally speaking, aquaclay is a natural product with a highly porous surface that allows high colonisation of bacteria, essential for the balance and health of your aquarium and plants.

Dimensions L:80.2 x W:39.9 x H:55.9 cm
Volume 180 litres
Capacity 146 litres
Cabinet dimensions L:80.2 x W:39.7 x H:83 cm
Cabinet max. load 200 kg
LED lighting Easy LED 2.0 28W
External filter Cleansys Pro 730 external filter including activated carbon, coarse foam, fiber and aquaclay
Heater Easyklim+ 150W

Aquarium kit includes

Easy LED 2.0 Lighting

Power 28W
Colour temperature 6800 K
Lumens 3407 lm
Lux 10000 lx
Quantity 1

Cleansys Pro 730 Filter

Dimensions L:19 x W:19 x H:31 cm
Filter media included Fiber, activated carbon, coarse foam, aquaclay
Colour Black
Power 11W
Quantity 1

Easyklim+ 150W

Dimensions 3.2 x 3.17 cm
Power 150W
Thermostat regulator 16-32ºC
Aquarium volume between 90/150 l
Quantity 1


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