Arcadia Arc Pod Aquarium Light

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This Arcadia Arc Pod Aquarium lighting system is completely waterproof and works fantastically with the tropical light included with purchase. Perfect for aquariums that need a new lighting hood to get the best out of their truly stunning aquascape.


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Product Information

The Arcadia Arc Pod Aquarium Light is a waterproof fish tank light which includes the Arcadia Original Tropical Compact Fluorescent Lamp, to enhance the colours of your aquarium.

It is designed to be clamped onto the rim of a tank (glass width of 4 to 12 mm) and is available with 9 watts to suit a range of small aquariums. There is also a highly polished reflector built-in, to focus the light without wasting a single beam.

The nine watt model is suitable for fish tanks up to 30cm wide. When mounted to the rim of an aquarium the Arc Pod can be tilted upwards for easy access to the to the tank and can be removed and replaced easily, making lamp changing simple.


  • Arcadia 9 watt Arc-Pod: 205 x 57mm / 8.1" x 2.2" (L x W)

Key Features:

  • Easy to fit
  • Suitable for tropical tanks
  • 9 watt version for tanks up to 30cm wide
  • Compact tropical lamp included
  • Waterproof (IP67 standard)
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy lamp change

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    Arcadia 9 watt Arc-Pod
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    Great product just what I needed