Arcadia Freshwater T5 Lamp

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A classic and big favourite with freshwater tank owners, these Arcadia Freshwater T5 Lamps are more energy efficient than the old T8s and bring out the stunning greens from your aquascape ever better, making a more beautiful aquarium than ever.


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Product Information

The Arcadia Freshwater T5 Lamp has been specifically formulated to combine a uniquely created colour temperature,especially enhancing the natural greens within your aquarium. With a colour temperature of 6600K, the light replicates natural sunlight as closely as possible, so it's perfect for planted tanks.

Arcadia are renowned for their high quality aquatic and reptile products, so you can be confident that their lighting equipment will not only provide the best results but that is also durable and long lasting.

  • High colour temperature of 6600K.
  • Enhances the rich greens perfect in planted aquariums.
  • Supports aquatic plant-life.
  • Encourages photosynthesis and lush plant growth.
  • Brightens natural colours in fish.


  • 8 Watt: 12" / 30cm
  • 12.5mm diameter

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    Date 25/02/2018 13:02pm
    Arcadia Freshwater T5 Lamp - 8 Watt (12")
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    As expected. Was the right lamp and it works fine