Arcadia Gyractor

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Buy an Arcadia Gyractor from Swell UK to improve the biological filtration inside your aquarium filter system. These reactors keep things fluid, ensuring more of the biomedia comes into contact with the water, helping it clean your fish tank water of debris and biological mess.


  • Gyractor G400
    code: A110 Available (Usually delivered in 4 days)
  • Gyractor G1000
    code: A113 Available (Usually delivered in 4 days)

Product Information

The Gyractor G400/1000 Bio Reactor has a unique fluidising plate designed to help keep the Media in suspension and evenly disperse the water upwards for greater removal of bacteria. This is all achieved by using a very low powered SICCE SILENT synchronous pump which is included. The reactor includes a specially designed plate at the top to keep the Media within the reactor without the need for sponges.

Individual model details:

G 400

This model contains a special bio active media designed to encourage the growth of Nitrate and Phosphate reducing bacteria and in turn level the balance in your aquarium. The Marine Bio Pearls are simple to use and is more economical than its carbon/phosphate removing counterparts.

It has a unique fluidising base, which means that the pearls at the bottom of the chamber move faster meaning a better result, whilst at the top of the chamber the speed slows down, allowing a film of biological bacteria to form. All of which results in the best possible reaction and results.

The unit has a flow regulator to make sure it's operating at the right speed for your tank. It can also be used externally or submerged so offers a versatile application. Fully waterproof outlet and runs silently with the Sicce Silent pump so you can be confident of a durable, energy efficient, long lasting product.

G 1000

This larger unit contains 500ml of the Marine Bio Pearls. This bio active media will promote the development of Nitrate and Phosphate reducing bacteria and enzymes. It's much easier to use and lasts much longer than similar products.

It has an adjustable flow rate too. Plus using the Sicce Silent circulation pump, means that the unit will run very quietly. It won't overheat thanks to the protected motor, so you can be sure of a safe, silent operation.

Again, this unit has a custom made fluidising base. Roughly, this means that the media at the bottom of the chamber moves more quickly, producing more helpful bacteria, whilst at the surface of the chamber, the water moves less quickly. This allows for bio-film to develop, which also helps combat the unwanted elements in the tank.

Gyractor G4009w70mm370mm1.25L250ml0.5m
Gyractor G100015w90mm470mm2.5L500ml1m

Key Features of both models:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Flow regulator
  • High wear resistance rotor
  • Superior quality: Power and quietness
  • Pre-filter, hose adaptors and suckers included
  • 0.5 m of poly pipe with G400; 1 m of poly pipe with G1000

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    Date 14/12/2014 16:12pm
    Arcadia Gyractor G400
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    Well made, simple to set up. Very quiet. Just waiting to see if it keeps Nitrates in check.