Arcadia Metal Halide Marine Lamps

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Highlight the extreme marine colours of your salt water fish tank with these Arcadia Metal Halide Marine Lamps, designed to bring out the best of the available colour range in your fish tank.

Product Information

Highlight and enhance the colours of your beautiful marine aquarium with these excellent meatal halide lamps from Arcadia. Metal Halide lamps are found to last much longer

With a high colour temperature of 14,000K or 20,000K, whichever lamp you choose will provide the very best environment for fish and plants to thrive.

The 14,000K lamp creates a crisp, natural looking daylight which will show off marine life in the very best light.

The 20,000K lamp has been created to mimic the light in deeper water and promote healthy growth of corals, plants and fish that habitat the area. It also creates a moonlight effect that highlights the deep hues of corals.

Available in single and double ended versions in 150 watts, 250 watts and 400 watts.

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