Arcadia T5 Marine Pink

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Arcadia Marine Pink helps to fill the gaps left behind when traditional white and blue lamps are used in the marine reef aquarium. Used in a ratio of one pink for every two blue and white will help achieve this.


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Product Information

Arcadia Marine Pink complements the white and blue lights in your marine aquarium. It is perfect for salt water habitats, showing off your fish, crabs and corals.

Ideally the Marine Pink is used as one with other two Marine Blue and White lamps which will bring out all of the colours in your marine tank. The natural fluorescence of corals and plants is illuminated beautifully.

T5 lamps are slimmer and more compact than the T8 models. They also have have a better light spectrum and the surface brightness is far more bright that the older versions. As an added bonus, T5 lamps use far less energy, so save both power and money.

Key Features:

  • Use with Marine Blue and Marine White lamps for best results
  • Highlight colours & natural fluorescence of fish, plants and corals
  • Save energy and money as they last longer than T8 lamps

Marine Pink T5 24w 22″/550mm 16mm26
Marine Pink T5 39w 34″/850mm 16mm 44
Marine Pink T5 54w 46″/1150mm 16mm 60

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