Arcadia T5 Marine Purple 24w-39w

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Arcadia T5 Marine Purple helps to fill the gaps left behind when traditional white and blue lamps are used in the marine reef aquarium. Used in a ratio of one purple for every two blue and white will help achieve this.


  • Marine Purple T5 39w
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Product Information

Arcadia Marine Purple complements the white and blue lights in your marine aquarium. It is perfect for salt water habitats, showing off your fish, crabs and SPS corals in the best light possible, without increasing algae growth.

Arcadia recommend using one Marine Purple with every two Blue for best effect.

The Marine Purple is a T5 lamp which gives it several advantages over the older T8 tubes. As it is over 40% smaller, it can fit more light in to the same space. A higher luminescence means brighter, purer light for longer, saving money and energy too. T5 lighting has on average, a 25% longer life than standard forms of aquarium lighting.

Marine Purple T5 24w 22″/550mm 16mm 26
Marine Purple T5 39w 34″/850mm 16mm 44
Marine Purple T5 54w 46″/1150mm 16mm 60

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    Arcadia Marine Purple T5 39w
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