Arcadia T5 Plant Pro High Output Lamp

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Grow your tropical plants even better with this Arcadia T5 Plant Pro High Output Lamp. With low energy consumption, it provides tropical aquatic plants with the best light to develop healthily and more beautiful than ever.


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Product Information

The Arcadia T5 High Output - Plant Pro is a T5 lamp that is ideal for use with tropical aquariums.

It has been specifically formulated to combine the red and blue spectral peaks of the original tropical lamp to support plant photosynthesis, with the higher light output of the freshwater lamp. The result is a lamp which is noticeably brighter than the original tropical, making it ideal for more demanding plant species.

The high light output is also ideal to reach the deepest points of the aquarium, so you can ensure that all plants and fish benefit from the rays, thus making the very best of your fish tank.

Key Features:

  • Excellent plant growth thanks to high light output.
  • Enhance natural colours of fish and plants
  • Satisfy plant species with a higher light requirements
  • Bright penetrating light, ideal for the deepest aquariums


  • 24 Watt - 22" / 55cm
  • 39 Watt - 34" / 85cm
  • 54 Watt - 46" / 115cm

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    Arcadia T5 Plant Pro High Output Lamp - 24 Watt (22")
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