Arcadia Ultraseal Light Controllers

A wide selection of durable and safe light controllers

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  • Light controllers designed to suit a wide variety of aquariums
  • Waterproof for safety and durability
  • Choose from a wide range to find the right hardware for you
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Arcadia Ultraseal Light Controllers are a safe and secure way of fitting and controlling your T8 fluorescent lamps.

Suitable for a variety of sizes, these electronic controllers are waterproof to IP67 standard. They include universal mounting brackets which allows for easy attachment to the hood or wall of the fish tank. Available in both single and double control units, please see the information below for the correct size for your tank. Please note that the double controllers are magnetic, not electronic.

If you have a T5 lamp, the ACU08 is a perfect controller. The tube must be 12mm in diameter. The rest of the range is only to be used with T8 lamps.

The controllers can be used with the Arcadia Lamp Reflectors range too.

Key Features:

  • Electronic light controller.
  • Suitable for freshwater or marine aquariums.
  • Lamps holders include a waterproof rating up to IP67 standard.
  • Includes universal mounting brackets for fitting to aquarium walls or lid.
  • Patented two-piece design lamp holder eliminates the need for an "O" Ring.
  • Single T8 controllers from 8W to 58W.
  • Magnetic T8 controllers from 15W to 38W (Singles).
  • Electronic T8 controllers (Doubles).
  • Increased lamp holder cable lengths for added flexibility.
  • 50cm mains lead.


Product To fit length
T5 Ultraseal 4 / 8w 300mm/12"
Ultraseal 14 / 15w 375mm/15" - 450mm/18"
Ultraseal 18w 600mm/24"
Ultraseal 25 / 30w 750mm/30" - 900mm/36"
Ultraseal 36 / 38w 1050mm/42" - 1200mm/48"
ACE2U8 Double unit 450mm/18"


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