Bermuda Pressure Filter with Ultra Violet Clarifier

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A pressurised unit allows water can be pumped uphill out of the unit to feed watercourses or return to the pond while the filter remains hidden.


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Product Information

The Bermuda Pressure Filter combines mechanical and biological filtration with an in-built Ultra Violet Clarifier for clearer water. Cleaning the Bermuda pressure filter is easy by way of turning it to waste and winding a handle. Media can be cleaned and dirty water flushed away without getting hands wet.

The UV lighting prevents the growth of algae which causes green water. They are designed to be continuously run by your pond pump to maintain excellent water quality for healthy water for your fish. The beauty of using this pressure filter is that it can be located anywhere in your garden and can even be buried out of sight. These make ideal filters for small goldfish ponds or even larger koi ponds and ensure excellent results. With these filters being under pressure they can even feed waterfalls that are at a higher level and don't rely on a gravity feed back to the pond.

The Bermuda Pressure Filter Premium has a fantastic rotating cleaning handle on the head, making it easy to clean for maximum effect. This model has a unique feature that tells you when the filter needs to be cleaned by using a small float, which pops-out of the head of the unit when required. By simply turning the handle you can rinse clean the interior sponge, so there is minimal manual cleaning needed. Once rinsed with the turning handle, the outlet can be opened to discharge dirty water containing debris until it runs clean and basic maintenance is complete.

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Key Features:

  • Can be run all year round.
  • Pressurised Filter allows exiting water to run up-hill on exiting filter.
  • Biological and Mechanical Filter included.
  • Enables Rapid Growth of Aerobic Bacteria.
  • Low energy usage.
  • Internal filter foam cleaning mechanism.
  • Re-usable Foams.
  • Can be buried so its out of sight.

Please Note: When cleaning turn the handle slowly clockwise until you hear the unit clicking, when you hear this sound turn back anti clockwise and repeat at least 3 times.

ProductPond Size
Recommended Pump
UV Bulb
Inlet and OutletDimensions
10,00010,000L (No Fish)
7,500L (With Fish)
3,750L (With Koi)
Swell 7500 LPH18w PLL25mm, 32mm and 40mm49 x 41 x 53cm5m1 years

How To Clean:

  • Turn off your pump, when it is off remove the blanking cap over the sludge outlet and place this over the clean outlet pipe.
  • Turn the blue dial to clean mode and crank the handle that is provided. By doing this you are compressing the foams riding them of debris.
  • Turn the pump back on this will back flush the dirty water, once the water comes out of the sludge outlet clean you will need to then turn off the pump.
  • Put the blanking cap back over the sludge outlet, turn the dial back to clean and simply turn back on your pump.
  • This process is relatively quick and can take up to about 5 minutes on a relatively clean filter. It is recommended to do this as regular as possible.

Please Note: Failing to maintain the filter regularly means you can run the risk of damaging the cog system.

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    Bermuda Pressure Filter Premium 10000
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    Have not installed it yet,so cannot answer this.
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    Bermuda Pressure Filter Premium 10000
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    It was excellent service from start to finish what more can I say.