Bermuda Solar Pump on Demand - Solar-powered water fountain

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Enjoy fantastic water displays up to 1.8m high with this Bermuda Solar On Demand solar-powered pump. Powered by two 10W solar panels, this solar-powered fountain pump can run all day without the need for complicated power cabling. When the sun sets, a battery backup, charged by any excess power generated during the day, kicks in to give up to 2 hours of use in the evening. This is one of the easiest pond pumps to set up on the market, making it ideal for amateur pond keepers.


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Product Information

What is a Bermuda Solar Pump On Demand?

The Bermuda Solar Pump On Demand is a fairly powerful pond pump for use in domestic ponds. The 20W water pump boasts a 3-year guarantee, 1.8m maximum fountain height and 1,600lph max flow rate. It even keeps running late into the night, thanks to a backup battery and built-in LED lights.

Why should I buy a Bermuda Solar Pump On Demand?

The Bermuda Solar Pump On Demand is a no-fuss pond pump, perfect for pond keepers who want to avoid complicated power cabling and rigging. Overall, this spectacular fountain is ideal for oxygenating water, creating a healthy environment for fish and other pondlife.

How do I make a solar-powered water fountain?

The Bermuda Solar Pump On Demand is quick and easy to set up. Just find an area in your garden with a good amount of sun and plant the solar panels using garden stakes. Connect the panels with the wire provided and then connect them to the control housing by your pond's edge with the 5m power cable. Finally, install the pond pump using its four flexible suction cups to lock it into place wherever you want your fountain and connect both the fountain head and the pump to the control housing with the wires provided.

How do I choose the right solar-powered pump for my pond?

Choosing the right pump can seem almost impossible. There's so much to consider including the size of your pond, the flow you want to create and what pondlife you have. To help you out we asked aquatics expert Jeremy Gay to create a handy guide for choosing solar-powered pumps to ensure you're making the right decision.


Material Plastic/metal
Cable length 5m
Guarantee 3 years
Country of origin UK
Maximum fountain height 1.8m
Power 20W
Max flow rate 1,600lph
Colour Black
Battery backup? Yes

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