Bermuda Solar Pump on Demand

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Bermudas Solar Pump On Demand is the largest in their range, capable of 1,600lph, making it the ideal choice for fountain displays on a slightly larger scale.


  • Solar Pump on Demand 1600lph
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Product Information

The Solar Pump on Demand has a large 1,600lph flow rate, and features a 1.8m maximum height projection, providing you with a stunning focal point in your pond, without any wires or ongoing running costs!

The Solar Pump on Demand comes complete with pump, fountain attachment, solar panels, rechargable battery, LED lighting, and a 5m cable, so you can position your panel in the perfect location to get the most out of it. The pump itself runs at 1,600lph flow rate, and comes with fountain accessories so you can get the perfect display for your pond.

The Solar Panel included powers the pump during the day, and also charges the battery at the same time, so the pump can still be running solely from battery power for up to 2 hours once fully charged. The included white LED lights mean you can enjoy the display into the evening, and make the most of the nice weather outside! There are 6 LEDs around the fountain attachment, so the fountain display itself is lit to really emphasise the feature.

The solar panel is comprised of 2 x 10w, and draws the power directly from the sun, so a decrease in power during very cloudy times is normal, though the battery life will cover most of this without you even realising!

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