Bermuda Springs Eternal Water Feature

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The Springs Eternal Water Feature combines a classic design in a self-contained water feature, giving you a stunning focus point in your garden, that looks natural and realistic wherever you locate it.


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Product Information

The Springs Eternal Water Feature is a timeless classic style, featuring three levels of water flowing through realistic effect rocks, ideal for situating near or pond, or enough to be a full feature on its' own. This is a complete kit that is self contained, and nothing else is required to get this running perfectly in your home or garden.

The total feature is just 48cm high, so this can be used even in small locations, or as a small addition to a much larger setting, even indoors. This stylish design includes lighting, meaning it can be enjoyed throughout the evenings too.

This complete self-contained feature does not require a pond or anything to work, but is a complete stand alone unit, meaning you can locate it anywhere you want within your garden, even on a balcony or patio area. The pump is included, which is a low voltage, and just needs wiring in (ideally into a Switchbox for electrical safety) and adding water.

Dimensions: 57 x 43 x 48cm

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