BiOrb 105 Black Aquarium Stand

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The Biorb 105 Aquarium Stand is the perfect for the 105 BiOrb aquarium, the largest in their range. It makes a stunning focal point in any room, capable of supporting stunning aquarscapes with 360 degree viewing rather than just from one side like most tanks.


  • 105 Aquarium Stand
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Product Information

The biOrb 105 is the largest tank in the range, holding an impressive 105 litres of water. There's plenty of space for fish, plants and the wide range of extras that biOrb offer. As the tank is perfectly round, you can see all angles of the aquarium. The large size means it can hold a lot of life, so to maintain it perfectly, a powerful filter, LED lighting system and other extras are included.

This stand comes in a unique and modern design, and has a choice of black or white. It comes with space to hide the cables, making the 105 a real showpiece. The height of the stand (47cm) means that the tank can be viewed from all angles, even if you are sat down, making it great for a dining room or even an office.

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Key Features:

  • Orb tank with black trim
  • Integral filter with media
  • Intelligent 24 hour LED lighting system
  • Moonlight LED
  • Matching stand
  • Food and water treatment kit

Aquarium dimensions:

  • Diameter: 61cm / 24"
  • Height: 63cm / 24.8"

Stand dimensions:

  • Height: 47cm

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