Biorb 30 Silver Aquarium with LED Light & Heater Pack

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The Biorb 30 Silver Aquarium with Standard LED Light and Heater Pack combines the looks of a traditional fish bowl with the performance of a 'hi-tech' aquarium.


  • Classic 30 Silver - LED & Heater Pack
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Product Information

The Biorb 30 Silver Aquarium incorporates both a filtration system, halogen light and 50 watt heater to transform your biOrb into a beautiful tropical tank.

With its spherical shape the biOrb 30 offers a perfectly round view of your fish tank. Made from a high quality acrylic, it allows for a clearer view.

The 12v LED light has an on/off switch for easy operation. As each bulb offers many hours of light, you can be sure of long lasting efficiency and perfect illumination within your tank. A 50 watt heater is also included to make sure the water is at the right temperature for a small number of tropical fish.

To keep the tank clean and healthy, biOrb's unique filtration system uses biological filtration to carefully remove any debris and waste before depositing it in the bottom of the filter cartridge. We recommend changing the cartridge every four weeks for the best results.

A great package of fish food, water treatments, and an air stone is also included. You can also add a huge variety of decoration to the tank. BiOrb have a unique Samuel Baker Ornament collection that adds a unique touch to your aquarium.


  • Biorb 30 litre aquarium
  • biOrb CLASSIC LED aquariums in the classic spherical design with standard LED lighting and a patented filter system
  • Complete set, consisting of acrylic aquarium, light unit, pump, transformer, air stone, filter cartridge, ceramic bed
  • Guaranteed easy to install: The aquarium is completely set up in just a few steps
  • With durable and energy-efficient LED standard light unit
  • Made of highly-resistant, clear and light acrylic
  • Guaranteed easy cleaning and care and thanks to a patented filter system the ecosystem is kept in balance
  • Unique and transformable through numerous decoration variants
  • Safe 12 volt technology.
  • Guaranteed easy cleaning and care and thanks to a patented filter system the ecosystem is kept in balance


  • Height: 42cm / 16.5"
  • Width: 42cm / 15.7"
  • Volume: 30 litres / 6.6 gallons

Maximum continuous power: 13W

The Tropical Biorb supplied with heater can be converted into a marine aquarium using the Marine Conversion Kit.

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