Biorb 60 Silver with LED 24hr Light

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The Biorb 60 is a silver 60 litre aquarium that includes a 24 hour LED Light. Energy efficient, it features a great purpose-made filter system and looks stunning in any room, available from Swell UK at the very best price!


  • 60 Silver with LED 24hr Light
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Product Information

This biOrb 60 Silver model is complete with an Intelligent 24 Hour LED System.

Using acrylic instead of glass, biOrb have created a super light, strong tank. One of the benefits of acrylic is a clearer surface, which makes for a better view. The tanks spherical shape also helps, as you can see all around the aquarium, from every angle.

BiOrb incorporate their own filtration system in to the collection. Using biological filtration, ceramic media processes the water fully. Any waste is sent to the filter cartridge in the bottom of the tank. To keep the tank looking good, simply change the cartridge every four weeks.

The 24 hour LED unit really brings this model to life. Replicating a natural light cycle over a 24 hour period, it presents light from sunrise to sunset into the tank. A blue LED creates a moonlight effect too, so you can mirror a perfectly natural light scheme. The unit has a controller with 7 cycles available, so you can program it to suit you. It has over 55,000 hours of life, so it is superbly efficient at saving both energy and money.

If you want to convert to a tropical tank, you can easily add a biOrb heater pack. Containing a 50 watt heater, stand and a thermometer you can swiftly and accurately heat the tank.


  • Height: 52cm / 20.5"
  • Width: 50cm / 19.7"
  • Capacity: 60 litres / 13.2 gallons

Key Features:

  • 24 Hour Intelligent LED system
  • Five stage internal filter
  • Ceramic media
  • Air pump
  • Plug top 12 volt transformer
  • Water treatment
  • Fish food and full set of instructions

With safety as a major design feature the Biorb 60 is operated at 12 Volts ac power which reduces the risk of accidental electric shock.

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