Biorb 60 Silver with LED Light and Heater Pack

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The Biorb 60 Silver with LED Light and Heater Pack is made from strong, crystal-clear acrylic with a capacity of 60 litres of water and weighing 60 kilos (132 pounds) when full. It is ideal for most types of fish keeping


  • 60 Silver with LED Light & Heater Pack
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Product Information

The biOrb 60 Silver complete with halogen light and heater contains everything you need to set up a great tropical fish tank.

Crafted from acrylic the biOrb 60 is much lighter and yet stronger than glass. As it is lighter it allows for a much clearer view of the aquarium. The round shape also allows for a panoramic view of the action in the fish tank...

The heater pack contains a 50 watt heater, stand to fix it in the tank and a thermometer to monitor the temperature. Energy efficient and compact, it takes up little room or energy within the tank, and yet maintains the perfect environment for tropical fish. Should you wish to convert to a marine, biOrb also have a Marine Conversion Kit that contains everything you need.

An LED light illuminates the tank perfectly. Quickly and simply fitted, it provides thousands of hours of light, so is great value for money as well as using little energy. Fish need some day light every day, so about 7-10 hours of use will be a great amount.

The tank is easy to keep clear and clean, thanks to the built in filtration system. Ceramic media, with a huge surface area will cleanse the water and transport any waste sediment to the filter cartridge in the base. This should be changed every four weeks, for the best results.

You can make the unique biOrb tank look gorgeous with the addition of unique decorative plants, ornaments and pebbles. Designed especially to fit in the shape of the biOrb, there is a great range to suit every taste.

Key Features:

  • Five stage internal filter
  • Ceramic media
  • Air pump
  • Plug top 12 volt transformer
  • 50 watt heater pack
  • Standard LED light unit
  • Water treatment
  • Fish food and full set of instructions


  • Height: 52cm / 2.5"
  • Width: 50cm / 19.7"

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