BiOrb Air Pump

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Biorb Air Pump and AC Transformer is a low voltage safe air pump for the Biorb range, helping you to further oxygenate your Biorb fish tank to help your fish thrive in their stunning 360 degree environment.


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Product Information

BiOrb Air Pump

Biorb Air Pump is a low voltage, safe air pump provides the bubble supply that powers the filter system and assists with oxygen diffusion in the aquarium. It is essential the air pump is left running permanently.

Reef One Biube and Biorb aquariums incorporate two one way valves to prevent water draining back down the air line; however, it is safer to place the air pump above the level of the aquarium water line.

The air pump is designed to run as silently as possible but due to its pumping action internal vibration will be transmitted as noise if the air pump body touches surrounding objects.

As the air pump is essential to maintain water quality and runs continuously 24 hours a day, it is advisable to keep a spare in the event of failure.

The Biorb 12v Transformer

The Reef One range of aquariums is designed to be extremely safe and therefore all its electrical items operate at the safe low level of 12 volts ac.

To protect the Fishkeeper and children from electric shock Reef One aquariums use a plug top AC transformer that plugs into your electrical mains socket and 'steps down' the mains voltage to a much safer 12 volts ac.

The 12 volts is made available in the bottom of the AC transformer through two din sockets (see image). Either socket can be used for the halogen light wire plug or the air pump wire plug as both sockets are interchangeable. The LED light if used in place of the halogen light can be plugged into either socket.

Please note: The AC transformer is capable of handling a maximum of 20 watts power and incorporates a non replaceable safety fuse that will blow, permanently damaging the AC transformer, if a halogen bulb of greater than 20 watts is used to replace the 10 watt bulb supplied with the light.

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    Date 19/04/2020 07:04am
    BiOrb Air Pump
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    Nice petite does the job and easy to store
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    Date 28/11/2019 19:11pm
    BiOrb Transformer
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    best value for this item plus great delivery time
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    Date 07/11/2019 02:11am
    BiOrb Air Pump
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    Works perfectly- fish can breathe again!