BiOrb Air Stone

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This Biorb Airstone is available at a great price from Swell UK and is best used with the Biorb Air Pump to help oxygenate your aquarium water for the benefit of your fish, espeically in hot weather.


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Product Information

The biOrb air stone adds an attractive flow of bubbles to the aquarium which not only looks good, it disseminates the oxygen in the water. It doesn't add oxygen, but it moves bubbles of it around the tank. It can also cover any noise from the aquarium.

The air stone can last up to three years depending on the local water supply. Hard water areas can lead to quicker calcification of the stone, so it will need changing more often.


Remove filter cartridge. Locate the air stone and pull upwards to remove. Gently push the new stone onto the one way valve stem - do not force down too far.

Contains 1 x Airstone

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    Date 18/07/2021 11:07am
    BiOrb Air stone
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    Doesn’t work with Biorb lights
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    Date 10/01/2021 07:01am
    BiOrb Air stone
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    Just what I wanted at the right price