Biorb Baby Moonlight Automatic (Silver)

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The Baby biOrb Moonlight Automatic is a 15 litre aquarium perfect for first timers. It also makes a great aquatic night-light, automatically sensing when the room gets darker and switching it's LED to a moonlight blue glow - stunning!


  • Baby 15L Moonlight (Silver)
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Product Information

These unique desk top tanks from biOrb are tiny in size and yet packed with innovative features that make the Baby biOrb a perfect tank for beginners or those will a small space.

The baby biOrb Automatic Moonlight in Silver, has a cool, contemporary look and, as it is crafted from light acrylic, it has a much clearer, sharper density.

A unique feature of this model is that not only does it have an LED lighting system, it also has an automatic sensor, which detects when the room goes dark and converts to a moonlight LED. This casts a blue glow across the water for a beautiful effect.

Like all of the biOrb range, the baby biOrb has a great filtration system. 450g of ceramic media is included to provide perfect biological filtration. Any waste transfers to the cartridge at the base, which is changed every six weeks. It's a good idea to perform a partial water change too, to keep your little tank looking good.

An air stone, bubble tube, food and water treatments are also included as standard. So you are ready to set up your mini seascape as soon as it arrives.

Contents of the box:

  • Safe acrylic bowl with lid and base
  • Moonlight light unit (plus spare bulb)
  • Low voltage 12v air pump & transformer
  • Bubble tube and filter body
  • 1 bag of ceramic media
  • 1 filter cartridge
  • 1 packet of instant aquarium
  • Care and setup guide


  • Dimensions: 32cm x 30cm
  • Weight Filled: 40lbs / 18kg
  • Capacity: 15 litres.

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