BiOrb Ceramic Media

Remove toxic fish waste and other harmful substances from your aquarium tank water

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  • Replacement ceramic filter media
  • Large surface area for superb water filtration
  • Removes toxic fish waste and other harmful substances
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Extra ceramic media, available from Swell UK, can be added to your Reef One aquarium. This will increase the area available for biological filtration and makes it easier to anchor plants into position.

Bacteria builds up on ceramic media which biologically filters the water. These cultures grow over time to perform great natural filtration, so you shouldn't need to change the media but if you add more it will increase the surface area, aiding filtration.

If you decide to remove or add to the media, it should be done very slowly over time to avoid losing the helpful cultures you have built up. Gradually replace small sections of media to encourage the useful bacteria to spread to the new media.

Although the ceramic media is a man made product it doesn't alter the pH balance within the water.


  1. Rinse contents in tap water.
  2. Discard any media smaller than a pea.
  3. Gently place media into the aquarium by hand.

Once the aquarium has matured, never clean media in tap water.

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