Biorb Easy Plant Pack

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These Biorb Easy Plant Packs are available from Swell UK at their best price to splash some colour and movement into your Biorb Aquarium in a way that looks like natural plants! Perfect for that original natural look!


  • Easy Plant Green Set - Small
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  • Easy Plant Green Set - Medium
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  • Easy Plant Green Set - Large
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Product Information

These Easy Plants from biOrb add a splash of realistic colour and texture to your tank. In a matter of minutes you can update the look of your aquarium

Three varieties are available, small, medium and tall so you can mix and match depending on the size of your tank and the effect you're trying to create.

Supplied in packs of two, the plants have a weighted ball on the base to ensure that they are well planted within the tank. As they made from non-toxic plastic, they won't discolour or weather in the water, but if you find that they need cleaning simply wash in old aquarium water during water changes

Reef One Ltd - Plant Accessory Packs (2)

  • Small - 8 x 3 x 20cm
  • Medium - 9 x 3 x 30cm
  • Large - 8 x 3 x 40cm

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