Biorb Life 30 Red

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Available in a relatively unique colour when it comes to freshwater aquariums, this Biorb Life 30 Red is something a bit special. A potential home to compact aquatic eco systems, this mini-fish tank looks great in any room and stands out with it's vibrant colour.


  • Life 30 Red - Intelligent LED
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Product Information

The BiOrb Life Collection is a unique range of aquariums. Available in white, red and black, each is hand finished for a smooth, sleek glossy finish. Whichever colour you choose, you can be sure of a stylish addition to your home. This model is a shining red, which looks stunning in any environment.

Each aquarium contains BiOrb's exclusive filtration system, which means less maintenance and a clean, healthy tank for longer. All ceramic media and a Freshwater BiOrb filter cartridge are included. Simply change the cartridge every four-eight weeks to maintain a healthy tank.

Another innovative feature is the intelligent LED system that incorporates a natural 24 light cycle. The tank has a gradually changing light spectrum, from sunrise to moonlight. Not only is this an ideal light scale for any aquatic life but creates a differing view of your aquarium throughout the day. There are seven lighting profiles so that you can time the LED to suit your own preference.

Each aquarium sits on a clear acrylic base so as not to detract from the simplistic style of the BiOrb Life.

A heater can be added should you wish to convert from a cold water tank to tropical.

Key Features:

  • Acrylic Life aquarium with 30 litres capacity
  • Intelligent LED Light - replicating sunrise, sunset and blue moonlight
  • Ceramic media
  • Freshwater biOrb filter cartridge
  • Low-voltage 12 volt Air Pump
  • Tap water conditioner and Beneficial Bacteria liquid

Product Specification

Product Tank Size
Biorb Life 30 Red - Intelligent LED 42cm x 40cm x 23.5cm (LxWxD)

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