Biorb Life 30 White

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A fashionable fish tank, this Biorb Life 30 White aquarium is compact, and can become a beautiful home to small collections of fish easily, with it's own inbuilt filtration system. Durable, stylish and at an affordable price from Swell UK.


  • Life 30 White - Intelligent LED
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Product Information

The white biOrb Life is a sophisticated addition to any living or work space. Small enough to fit in anywhere, yet with a bold design to make a real feature.

Crafted from strong and light acrylic, the Life range has a super glossy finish that will last and last. The design means you can see the action within the tank easily, front and back - a view you don't get with standard fish tanks.

The tank has an Intelligent LED system that creates a natural light spectrum of a 24 hour period. From sunrise to moonlight, each aspect is created throughout the day, showing the tank in the most beautiful light possible. It comes complete with a controller, which allows you to choose from 7 different cycles.

BiOrb's exclusive filtration system keeps the tank clear and clean. Biological filtration through the ceramic media included, passes waste and dirt down into the filter cartridge beneath. This is easily changed every 1-2 months, no cleaning needed.

As with all of the biOrb range, additional items can be added to convert the tank to a tropical or marine version.


  • Intelligent LED Light - replicating sunrise, sunset and blue moonlight
  • Includes detailed Step-by-Step instructions
  • Cast Acrylic for strength, weight and a glossy finish
  • Biorb Life aquarium in white
  • Ceramic media
  • 12 Volt transformer
  • Freshwater biOrb filter cartridge
  • Low-voltage Air Pump
  • Tap water conditioner and Beneficial Bacteria liquid
  • Capacity: 30 Litre / 6.6 gallons

Product Specification

Product Tank Size
Biorb Life 30 White - Intelligent LED 42cm x 40cm x 23.5cm (LxWxD)

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