Biorb Life 60 Black

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The largest of the LIFE aquarium range, this Biorb Life 60 in Black features a colour scheme that works in any room, as well as a full compliment of systems to support the life inside your aquarium. Read more below about how this tank works for you!


  • Life 60 Black - Intelligent LED
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Product Information

The biOrb Life range is a unique collection of original, fun aquariums. This 60 litre version is the largest of them all, and as such will hold more fish and plants. The original 'portrait' design of the tank adds a contemporary touch to any room, and in sleek black or icy white it looks striking in any décor.

The fish tank is made from acrylic and finished with a glossy acrylic wrap in black or white. As acrylic is lighter and stronger than glass it gives a much clearer view of the tank.

Fitted with an integral filter the tank makes sure that the water is crystal clear. The biological media included works to remove the waste and dirt from the water before transporting it to the filter chamber. Simply change the filter cartridge for a new one every one to two months to maintain the tank.

One of the focal points of the Life collection is the innovative lighting unit. Using intelligent LED lighting to replicate the natural day light of a 24 hour period. So your tank is shown in differing lights from sun rise to moonlight. Cost and energy efficient, LED lighting is very long lasting so you shouldn't have to change a bulb for a very long time!

The tank also has a bubble tube above an air stone to send an attractive flume of bubbles up through the water, this also helps to circulate the water, and adds to the pleasant aesthetics of the Life range.

With such a large tank you can add lots of décor, check out biOrb's own range which is full of quirky and more traditional plants, flowers and rocks.


  • Intelligent LED Light - replicating sunrise, sunset and blue moonlight
  • Cast Acrylic construction
  • BiOrb Life aquarium
  • 12 Volt transformer
  • Freshwater BiOrb filter cartridge
  • Low-voltage Air Pump
  • Tap water conditioner and Beneficial Bacteria liquid
  • Capacity: 60 Litres / 13.2"

Product Specification

Product Tank Size
Biorb Life 60 Black - Intelligent LED 62cm x 42cm x 28cm (HxLxD)

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