BiOrb Marble Pebble Set 0.9kg

Decorative marble stones for arrangement on your aquarium bed

At a glance...
  • Beautiful marble pebbles to add colour to your aquarium
  • Provides a great base for the plants
  • Four colours available that are easy to clean and quickly swapped out
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Bring love, light and postivity into your home with biOrb's range of Pebbles. Available in different colours, each promotes or banishes a different energy.

There is no doubt that these beautiful stones will add colour to your biOrb aquarium and provide a great base for the many plants and flowers available.

They come in a range of solid marble colours which deepen and shine once placed in water. Marble is a hard stone which won't cloud the water or alter the balance within the tank. These are based on weight, and the shape, size and number of pebbles in the packs will vary. Each pack is 0.9kg

Available in Black, Red, Green & White

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