BiOrb Marine Service Kit

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Use this Biorb Marine Service Kit to ensure your salt water systems are running at their best in your converted marine biorb aquarium. Sold at the best price here at Swell UK, it has everything you should need to get things up to scratch.


  • Marine Service Kit
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Product Information

The biOrb Marine Service Kit, available from Swell UK at a discounted price, contains the required parts to maintain your Marine biOrb aquarium. The Service Kit contains a new Marine Filter Cartridge, Reef Grade Salt, tap-water conditioners, beneficial bacteria supplement and complete, detailed instructions.

The Marine Service Kit is suitable for all saltwater fish and other marine creatures. The unique filtration system forces the waste into the cartridge trapping the dirt. Once full the cartridge should be thrown away and replaced with a new one.

Maintenance of a Marine aquarium should be carried out every four weeks. The Marine Service Kit contains the required items to maintain your Marine aquarium successfully.

Maintenance couldn't be simpler with the Marine Service Kit, simply remove and replace the Marine Filter Cartridge, mix the required amount of water and salt, remove 25% of the water from your aquarium and replace with the newly mixed saltwater.

The kit also comes with a cleaning pad to remove any algae marks, please note it is only designed for use on the inside of your aquarium. For outer scratches take a look at the Biorb Scratch Remover Kit.

It's important to only use the Marine Service Kit with your marine biOrb, as the standard service kit is not adequate for a marine set up.

Supplied with:

  • 1x new marine filter cartridge,
  • 500g high quality European reef salt,
  • 1x cleaning pad.
  • 1 water treatment sachet.

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