BiOrb Red Forest 15L Decor Set

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You can now get the complete BiOrb look with the fantastic décor sets. The complete Red Forest set is suitable for all 15L BiOrb aquariums.


  • Red Forest 15L Decor Set
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Product Information

The BiOrb Red Forest Décor Set is designed to work with any BiOrb 15L aquariums but would be suitable for any other brand that is 15L.

The unique sculptures and plants in this set are designed by Sam Baker and will add that glamour to any aquarium. Based around the flowers in the forest theme.


  • biOrb Flower Sculpture x 1
  • biOrb Small Crimson Sea Fan x 2
  • biOrb Red Colour Ball x 1
  • biOrb Crimson Sea Lily x 1
  • biOrb White Starfish x 3

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