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SPRING SALE + SAVE up to £15 extra - SEE CODE >

BiOrb Topiary Colour Balls

Artificial topiary plants for decorating your aquarium

At a glance...
  • Easy to use artificial plants in a ball shape to replicate moss
  • Made from non-toxic plastic that are totally safe for aquatic life
  • Suitable for all aquariums
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biOrb Colour Balls available from Swell UK at discounted prices.

The large Colour Balls allow you to personalize your Reef One aquarium. It is made from materials that are totally safe for aquatic life. Designed to be simply dropped into the aquarium to add additional colour.

Four colours are available (Purple, Yellow, Red, Green). The large colour ball is easily removed for aquarium cleaning and eliminates the need to reposition the plants afterwards.

These vibrant colours make an excellent addition to any aquarium. The safe plastic construction ensures they will remain vibrant for longer than traditional silk style plants.

The Large Colour Balls are also extremely easy to clean (if needed), simply wash in old aquariums water (using the water removed from the aquarium when maintenance is being done).

Size - approx 10 x 10 x 10cm

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