Black Knight Wizard Fibre

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Black Knight Wizard Fibre allows you to smooth over and seal cracks in your aquatic environment, that would otherwise cause devestating leaks.


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Product Information

Wizard Fibre contains very fine glass fibres that are designed for mortar or concrete reinforcement. A technique that has been used in other industries for years, this is completely aquatic safe and allows for a much stronger mix with a crack resistant finish.

Just add to your mortar or concrete to ensure a better workability that will be easier to apply, with a finished product that is far stronger and more durable, with a dramatically reduced chance of leaks occuring.

A 1kg can of Wizard Fibre can cover between 8 - 18 square metres at 5mm thick, making this great value for money, whilst being stronger than most sealant additives.

Key Features:

  • Allows a much stronger mix, leading to a smoother crack resistant finish that is safer for the fish
  • Far stronger, more durable and easier to use than polypropylene alternatives
  • Dramatically reduces the likelihood of leaks developing
  • High zirconia content offers superb alkali resistance
  • Covers 18 square metres

Product Specification

Product Weight
Black Knight Wizard Fibre 1kg

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