Blagdon Affinity Grand Octagon Mocha Pond

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This is a great free standing pond feature, which is ideal for smaller gardens or courtyards, providing you with all the great benefits of having a pond, such as the wildlife attraction and garden feature, without the mess of digging up and installing everything.


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Product Information

The Grand Octagon Mocha Affinity Pond has a stunning weave design, and is a complete all in one kit that is ready to set up and install. This is the simpliest way to enjoy a water feature in your garden, making the task easy and efficient.

The pool itself is made from thermoplastic panels, in this case in a mocha coloured weave design, which also comes complete with shatter-proof windows, allowing you to visualise within the pond and see the fish whilst they're swimming around. This is not only great for entertainment viewing, but also a fabulous way to complete health checks of your pond fish, which is often hard to do from above.

Within this ready-to-go kit, you get the frame itself, including the fiber-reinforced liner, as well as the InPond 3000 system complete with 5w UV clarifier. There is also a built-in LED spotlight which will automatically come on at night, so that you can continue to view them into the evening.

The frame itself, measuring 146 x 146 cm, by 51cm high, comes in individual panels, which are easy to install together. The pump, filter and UV clarifier are all built in to the InPond 3000, so this is a perfect for the 708 litre capacity of the pond. This kit also includes 2 planting baskets, to add some more interest to your pond, and also 3 fountain head accessories, giving you some personal choice.

As with most Blagdon products, this comes with their 2 year manufacturers guarantee.

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