Blagdon Liberty Pond Solar Oxygenator Kit

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This Blagdon Liberty Pond Solar Oxygenator Kit makes it easy to keep your pond oxygenated. Powered by a solar panel and battery backup, it can keep running throughout the day and part of the night - ensuring your pondlife stays healthy. Set up is a breeze, as everything you need can be found in the kit including airline, floats and air stones.


  • Liberty Pond Solar Oxygenator Kit
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Product Information

What is a Blagdon Liberty Pond Solar Oxygenator Kit?

The Blagdon Liberty Pond Solar Oxygenator Kit is a compact oxygenator that can be set up and mostly forgotten about as it will continuously power itself via a solar panel. The kit boasts a 3-year guarantee, 0.8W pump and 60lph max flow rate - plenty for a small amateur pond.

Why should I buy the Blagdon Liberty Pond Solar Oxygenator Kit?

The Blagdon Liberty Pond Solar Oxygenator Kit is a breeze to set up, whisper-quiet and discreet. If you're keeping any sort of pond life it's important to ensure that your water is oxygenated and this kit is an easy way to do just that without wrestling with complicated electrical wiring - just one 1.8m power cable from the solar panel to the pump.

How do I aerate to my fish pond?

Like most animals, fish need oxygen to breathe, however, plants, algae and pondlife can deplete the oxygen within a pond suffocating fish. Sometimes fish can even be seen near the surface of deoxygenated ponds gasping for air. To oxygenate your water simply install a fountain or oxygenator that will mix air into the water.

How do I choose the right solar-powered pump?

Finding the best pump for your pond can be hard. There's a lot of different units on the market and they all offer subtly different features. To keep everything straightforward and easy to understand, we asked aquatics expert Jeremy Gay to create this guide for choosing solar-powered pumps.


Material Plastic
Cable length 1.8m
Guarantee 3 years
Country of origin UK
Power 0.8W
Max flow rate 60lph
Colour Black
Battery backup? Yes

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