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Blagdon Liberty Pump 200

Attractive and flexible, applications including filtration and aeration

At a glance...
  • Solar feature pump for fountains and ponds
  • Comes with fountainheads and lighting
  • Built-in intelligent controls for easy operation
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I can't think of a better set to get your pond started, my family absolutely love this pump.

What is the Blagdon Liberty Pump 200?

The Blagdon Liberty Pump 200 is a solar-powered feature pump boasting cutting-edge self-contained water feature technology. With a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, high-powered solar panel and LED lighting it is able to keep performing for six hours after the sun sets, so you can enjoy your water feature late into the evening. This Liberty mains-free pump is also extremely versatile, with a range of accessories and attachments that allow you to unleash your creativity and create something truly unique.

Why should I buy the Blagdon Liberty Pond Pump 200?

The Blagdon Liberty pond feature pump 200 completely redefines what is possible for a solar-powered pond or feature pump. This model is able to match the performance of many mains-powered pumps without any running costs. Plus, this pond fountain comes with an intelligent control system, lighting and a wide variety of accessories, to give you absolutely everything you could want from a feature pump, solar-powered or not.

How do I set up this feature pump?

Set up is really easy with the Blagdon Liberty Pump 200. It’s as simple as finding a spot in your garden with a good bit of sun, planting your solar panel, hooking it up to the pump with the 5m cable and then installing the pump wherever you want it. You can then build around your pump or keep things quite simple depending on the type of water feature you’re going for.

What else comes with the Blagdon Liberty Pump 200?

This kit includes a lot of accessories and equipment. In the box you will find:

  • The Blagdon Liberty Pump 200 with fittings included.
  • A 2.5W solar panel.
  • An LED light ring.
  • A pond float.
  • Four fountainhead attachments; single jet, star jet, 7 hole daisy jet and 12 hole daisy jet.
  • A wall bracket and fixings.
  • A flow control valve.
  • ⅜” and ½” hose adapters.
  • Four fountain extension pipes.
  • A solar panel ground spike and adjustable bracket.

All accessories can be attached and detached easily, so you can build whatever setup you require to create the ultimate water feature in your garden.

What are the intelligent controls on the Blagdon Liberty Pump 200?

One of the best key features of the Blagdon Liberty Pump 200 is the built-in intelligent controls. These easy to use controls allow you to switch between continuous usage, a 4-hour daily timer and on-demand modes. This lets you create a spectacular water feature that works exactly how you want it to.





Cable length



3 years

Country of origin


Maximum fountain height




Max flow rate




Battery backup?



0.15W LED lights

Solar panel

2.5W solar panel with ground spike and adjustable bracket

Fountain float included?


Fountainheads included?

Yes, single jet, star jet, 7 hole daisy jet and 12 hole daisy jet

Wall bracket included?


Flow control valve included?


Hose adapters included?

Yes, ⅜” and ½” hose adapters

Fountain extension pipes


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