Blagdon Midipond Duo 14000

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The Blagdon Midipond Duo 14000 has been designed with a unique five stage filter to guarantee water clarity for larger ponds up to 14,000 litres in size. It includes a Blagdon Force Hybrid 6000 pump and Blagdon Midipond 14,000 filter, with UV clarifier built in, all in one convenient package


  • Midipond Duo 14000
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Product Information

Matching a pump to a filter can be difficult, but this Blagdon Midipond Duo 14000 filtration system has been matched perfectly - they are literally made for each other.

The Midipond 14000 pond filter boasts a highly effective five stage filter, guaranteeing water clarity in medium to larger ponds up to 14,000 litres in size. In the Midipond Duo 14000, the filter is paired with a Blagdon Force Hybrid 6000 pump to supply it with just the right flow rate, and with a UV clarifier built in, the Dup is an all-in-one convenient package.

The Blagdon Midipond 14000 has a unique five stage filtration process that will keep your pond water healthier than most other pairings, and each unit includes the unique Venturi aeration chamber which allows positive bacteria to thrive in the filter.

The filter contains Blagdon's Professional Ceramic Bio Media - a perfect home with a large surface area for large cultures of beneficial bacteria to flourish, with plenty of room for more media. Easy to clean, it also features a lift-out Hydroscreen Stainless Steel Pre Filter.

The Blagdon Force Hybrid 6000 features a 2 metre+ head, often required by waterfalls and comes with a 3 year guarantee on the pump and a 2 year guarantee on the filter.


  • Midipond 14,000 filter with media and fittings
  • Force Hybrid 6,000 pond pump
  • 24 Watt (PLL) UV unit
  • In-line valve
  • 32mm hose (5 metres)
  • Four 32mm hose clips


  • Max pond size: 7,000 litres / 1,539.8 gallons (with fish)
  • Inlet: 32mm
  • Outlet: four 40mm
  • Wattage: UV - 24 Watt, pump - 105 Watt
  • Max flow rate: 5,800 litres per hour
  • Max head: 3.5 metres

Key Features:

  • 24 Watt UVC for algae destruction
  • Graded filter pads to ensure that dirt and waste is removed
  • Ceramic biological filter media to prevent the build of harmful toxins in your pond
  • The polymer wool pad removes fine waste particles
  • There is a carbon impregnated pad to remove chemical pollutants

Product Specification

Product Inlet Pipe Size Max Pond Size UV Wattage Outlet Pipe Size
Blagdon Midipond Duo 14000 to filter - 32mm 14000ltr/with fish 7875ltr/Koi 3500ltr 24 watts 4 x 40mm

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    Date 25/08/2016 08:08am
    Blagdon Midipond Duo 14000
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  • Rating
    Date 05/03/2015 17:03pm
    Blagdon Midipond Duo 14000
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    Took a while to set up, but it seems to be working a treat - very pleased.