Blagdon Midipond Pond Filter (up to 14,000L)

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A superb filtration system for medium sized ponds, this Blagdon Midipond Pond Filter (up to 14,000L) is reliable and hard wearing, helping you to keep your water clean and clear for the joy of your fish and those who look upon them.


  • Midipond Pond Filter 10000
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  • Midipond Pond Filter 14000
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Product Information

The Blagdon Midipond Water Garden Filtration Systems feature a unique seven stage filtration process that will keep your pond water healthier than many of the other, less sophisticated filter systems on the market. It uses a multi stage filtration process to cleanse the water of all types of grime, odour and pollutant.

The filter includes a UV clarifier, an 18 watt lamp is installed in the 10,000 unit and a 24 watt in the larger 14,000 model. The Ultra Violet light sterilises the algae cells, clumping them together for removal via the mechanical filter media. This will lower the risk of algae problems such as green water.

A removable Stainless Steel Pre Filter stops much of the dirt and debris from entering the main body of the filter. It can be lifted out for easy maintenance, simply wash in pond water to clean. Using pond water retains the healthy bacterial colonies that provide good, natural filtration.

The Midipond Filter has a unique Venturi aeration chamber which allows positive bacteria to thrive inside the filter. These cultures of positive bacteria create the biological element of a filter, helping to break down debris and biological detritus within your pond water, reducing ammonia and nitrite levels to below harmful levels. This device also allows air into the filter to maintain good, natural water conditions.

Water then passes through graded filter foams which remove algae, waste and dirt for a thorough clean. The differing textures of the foam work to retain even the smallest particles.

A further level of filtration is the Blagdon Professional Ceramic Bio Media which allows further colonies of beneficial bacteria to flourish. There is also plenty of room for additional mechanical or biological media such as sponges (not included). Finally polymer wool media polishes the now clean water, before it passes through carbon impregnated foam removes any hint of residue, colour/tints and odours, leaving beautifully clean water.

A replacement Filter Mesh Screen is also available. It suits both models and can be removed for easy cleaning as needed.

Blagdon minipond filters come with a 2 year guarantee.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Pump fed filter
  • Seven stage filtration - UV, Prefilter, 5 stages of mechanical, biological and chemical filter media
  • UV lamp - 18w or 24w PLL-type depending upon the model
  • Filters ponds up to 10,000 litres or 14,000 litres
  • Four 40mm (1.5") outlets on 14,000 model.
  • Two 40mm (1.5") outlets on 10,000 model with 2 blank ends
  • Inlet pipe has a multi fit hose tail ranging from 20mm to 32mm.
  • Note: (Please allow and extra 8cm on width for UV ends.)

Product Specification

Product Max LPH Inlet Pipe Size Wattage Size Outlet Pipe Size
Blagdon Midipond Pond Filter 10000 6000 lph 11/4inch (32mm) 18 Watt Ponds up to 10,000 litres 4x 1 1/2inch (40mm)
Blagdon Midipond Pond Filter 14000 8000 lph 11/4inch (32mm) 24 watt Ponds up to 14,000 litres 4x 1 1/2inch (40mm)

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