Blagdon Midipond Pond Pumps

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Power your Blagdon Midipond Pond filter or other suitable filtration system with these powerful and efficient Blagdon Midipond Pond Pumps, ensuring consistent flow of water to your filter to keep your water quality at its very best.


  • Midipond 3500 Pond Pump
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  • Midipond 4500 Pond Pump
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  • Midipond 5500 Pond Pump
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  • Midipond 6500 Pond Pump
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Product Information

Blagdon Midipond pumps are a popular choice amongst pond keepers thanks to their top quality construction, low running costs, and of course the amazing results they produce.

These compact pumps can be used to power a separate filter or waterfall, or to power one of the five fountain attachments included. This means you have great versatility, and can choose to change the look of your water feature whenever you like, whether you have a small pond or a larger pool.

Blagdon spent over four years researching and evolving the ideas behind this pond pump so that it can meet all of the possible requirements you might have. The pump is surrounded by a strainer cage which keeps out the larger particles of dirt and debris, prolonging the life of the whole unit. A pre-filter sponge is also included to further block out waste and keep the pump cleaner for longer. This means that the fountain heads are less likely to become clogged.

Not only does this fountain pump come complete with five fountain heads, it also includes telescopic extension pipes, interchangeable outlet fittings and 10m of power cable. Blagdon Midipond pumps also come with a 3 year guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Midipond water garden pump, ideal for fountains, filters, waterfalls and features.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Low maintenance and economical.
  • Personalise your display with the extensive range of fitting supplied.
  • Powerful, adjustable pumping height.
  • Full accessories included, see list below.

ProductGuaranteeMax. Volume (to run fountain/feature & filter)Max. Volume (to run fountain/feature & filter & waterfall)Dimensions (L x W x D)WattageFlow RateMax HeadCable Length
Midipond 3500 Pond Pump 3 Years3582 ltrs / 788 gal1879 ltrs / 413 gal2.4m x 1.7m x 0.45m47w 3500lph 1.5m 10m
Midipond 4500 Pond Pump 3 Years4620 ltrs / 1016 gal3150 ltrs / 693 gal3.6m x 1.6m x 0.52m75w 4500lph 2.25m 10m
Midipond 5500 Pond Pump 3 Years5628 ltrs / 1238 gal4332 ltrs / 953 gal4.3m x 1.8m x 0.56m100w 5500lph 3.25m 10m
Midipond 6500 Pond Pump 3 Years6668 ltrs / 1467 gal5472 ltrs / 1204 gal5.3m x 1.7m x 0.61m135w 6500lph 3.75m 10m

Accessories include:

  • Daisy Fountain, Height 100cm Width 160cm.
  • Triple Fountain, Height 70cm Width 100cm.
  • Foam Fountain, Height 25cm Width 20cm.
  • Bell Fountain, Height N/A Width 55cm.
  • Tulip Fountain Height 30cm Width 150cm.
  • T Piece with fountain and feature flow control valves.
  • Optional foam pre-filter sponge for use with Daisy Jet.
  • 30cm adjustable telescopic fountain extension pipe.
  • 20cm fixed fountain extension pipe.
  • 3 interchangeable outlet hose fittings 25mm (1"), 19mm (3/4"), 12.5mm (1/2").

Blagdon Midipond Pump Manual

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 30/10/2018 11:10am
    Blagdon Midipond 6500 Pond Pump
    Feefo Logo
    very good and reliable product
  • Rating
    Date 23/07/2018 16:07pm
    Blagdon Midipond 4500 Pond Pump
    Feefo Logo
    Does what it says in the ad.
  • Rating
    Date 07/08/2016 08:08am
    Blagdon Midipond 3500 Pond Pump
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  • Rating
    Date 29/05/2016 07:05am
    Blagdon Midipond 6500 Pond Pump
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  • Rating
    Date 01/11/2015 20:11pm
    Blagdon Midipond 3500 Pond Pump
    Feefo Logo
    Just installed to replace an older 2500 type and running OK.
  • Rating
    Date 28/07/2015 08:07am
    Blagdon Midipond 3500 Pond Pump
    Feefo Logo
    It works so well and is easy to replace my old one.
  • Rating
    Date 24/04/2015 09:04am
    Blagdon Midipond 5500 Pond Pump
    Feefo Logo
    This is a Blagdon Pond Pump that has failed on 2 previous occasions. Hopefully this one performs better than the other 2.
  • Rating
    Date 14/11/2014 17:11pm
    Blagdon Midipond 5500 Pond Pump
    Feefo Logo
    Yes good again & no problems