Blagdon Minipond Duo - 4500

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The Blagdon Minipond Duo 4500 is a complete pump, filter and UVC filtration system. With this set you can run a filter, a UV clarifier and a fountain water feature, as well as another feature such as a waterfall.


  • Minipond 4500 & Minipond 2000 (Duo 4500)
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Product Information

A step-up from ordinary mechanical and biological filters, the Blagdon Minipond Duo 4500 set is a dual pack, comprising of the superb Minipond 4500 UVC filter and the Minipond 2000 pump, perfectly matched to keep your pond water both clean and healthy.

This is a complete set, containing a pump, mechanical/biological filter and a UVC filtration system and is ideally partnered to run a filter, ultra violet clarifier and waterfall, giving you everything you need for a beautiful, healthy pond.

The maintenance required on this Minipond Duo Set is extremely low, with a five stage filter design featuring graded foam filter pads to remove dirt and waste, working alongside biological filter media to prevent build-up of harmful toxins. It has replaceable polymer wool pads and carbon impregnated pad which remove chemical pollutants.

The integrated UV clarifier will help remove algae and clears green water by sterilising it and allowing it to be taken up by the bio-filter. The filter itself is easy to clean due to the large hinged lid allowing easy access to foam filter pads. It is also quick and easy to replace carbon and polymer wool filter pad cartridge.

Minipond Duo 4500 comes with a 2 year guarantee on both the filter and pump.

Key Features:

  • High power output 5 Watt UVC
  • A comprehensive range of fountain heads, fittings and adjusters included
  • High performance, low maintenance design
  • An advanced low velocity pre-filter prevents the pump from clogging.
  • Minipond duo systems additionally provide a fountain water feature display.

Please note: The pump can not only be used for a filter but also for a fountain and waterfall, but utilising all three will reduce the capacity of the pump, so if you require optimum power for your filter from the pump it is best not to run a waterfall and fountain.

Don't forget your filter media!

GuaranteeMax Pond SizeMax Flow RateOutlet Pipe Size
Inlet Pipe SIzeMax Pumping Height
2 Years4,500 litres 2,250lph 40mm 25mm 2.2m (7'2")

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