Blagdon Minipond Duo - 6000

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The Blagdon Minipond Duo is ideal for smaller ponds. The Minipond 600 filter is paired with the Minipond 2000 water pump.


  • Minipond 6000 & Minipond 2000 (Duo 6000)
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Product Information

A perfect match, the Minipond 6000 pond filter and the Minipond 2000 water pump both require low levels of maintenance and feature an easy clean filtration system, and make up the Blagdon Minipond Duo 6000.

The Minipond duo has also been designed to utilise a unique 5-stage filter to guarantee water clarity in smaller ponds, leaving you with crystal clear water.

To stop the build-up of dangerous harmful toxins in your pond the Minipond 6000 filter contains a ceramic biological filter media to help break down bio-matter, and a mix of coarse and fine filter foams to capture dirt and debris.

Easy to maintain, this duo is fully matched in terms of flow rate and can easily handle pond up to 6000 litres in size.

Blagdon Minipond duo comes with a 2 year guarantee on both the filter and pump

Key Features:

  • A high performance UVC to clear green water algae.
  • Graded filter pads
  • Ceramic biological filter media
  • To remove chemical pollutants there is a carbon impregnated pad
  • Low maintenance

Technical Information:

Minipond 6000 (filter)

  • Max pond size: 6000 ltr / 1320gal (filtered over 75cm / 2'6" average depth shaded).
  • Max pond size: 4500 ltr / 990gal (pond in full sunlight).
  • Max pond size: 4500 ltr / 990gal (shallow pond under 75cm / 2'6" average depth).
  • Max pond size: 3375 ltr / 742gal (pond in full sunlight and shallow).
  • Max pond size: 1687 ltr / 371gal (pond with Koi, full sunlight and shallow).
  • UVC Wattage: 9 watt.
  • Recommended max flow: 3000 ltr / 660gal.
  • Inlet hose size: 13mm, 19mm, 25mm (1inch).
  • Outlet hose size: 40mm (1.5").

Minipond 2000 (water pump)

  • Voltage: 230v (50Hz).
  • Wattage: 48 watts.
  • Max flow: 2000 ltr / hr (440 gal / hr).
  • Max head: 2.2m (7'2").
  • Cable length: 10m.
  • 2 x interchangeable hose fittings - 0.5" (12.5mm) and 0.75" (19mm).
  • 4 x fountain heads (Daisy Jet, Two Tier Daisy Jet, Bell Jet, Foam Jet).
  • 20cm fixed fountain extension pipe.
  • 1inch (25mm) flow control valve for filter, waterfall or feature.
  • T-piece with fountain flow control valve.
  • Optional pre-filter foam for use with fine jet fountain displays.
  • Outlet: 12mm, 19mm, 25mm

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    Date 19/12/2018 14:12pm
    Blagdon Minipond 6000 & Minipond 2000 (Duo 6000)
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    had a similar set up years ago
    needed to replace and update my old system
    will set up in the spring