Blagdon Minipond Pump 700

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Blagdon Minipond pumps are top quality pumps that fit right in with your lifestyle - just fit them and forget about them. The cage design keeps pump maintenance to a minimum.


  • Minipond Pump 700
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Product Information

The Blagdon Minipond 700 pond pump is ideal to use in small to medium ponds and to provide a constant stream of water to waterfalls and fountains as well as smaller filters or water feature. It can also be used in shallow areas of larger ponds and pools (Please note that this pump can power one feature at a time).

With an impressive flow rate of around 700 litres per hour, this efficient pump can achieve max head of 1.25m - enough to create an attractive effect and tranquil sounds in your garden.

The unit has a long life thanks to a debris cage which stops too much sludge or debris from entering the pump, which means that the delicate components, such as the impeller, can last much longer. The unit needs minimal maintenance, simply clear the pre-filter cage and impeller regularly.

Key Features:

  • Ideal to run fountains, waterfalls, filters or features.
  • Powers one feature at a time.
  • Advanced pre-filter cage to prevent clogging.
  • Includes flow control, 1/2" hose-tail, fountain extension pipe, bell, single daisy and super daisy fountain heads.
  • The minipond pumps requires minimal cleaning - only periodic cleaning of the pre-filter and impeller is necessary.
  • Low running costs.

GuaranteeMax Flow RateMax Pond SizeMax HeadOutlet Pipe SizeWattageCable Length
3 Years700lph 1500 Ltrs / 330 gal 1.25m 12mm 10w 10m

Pack Contains:

  • Minipond 700.
  • 3 x fountain heads: Daisy Super, Single Daisy, Water bell.
  • 5 x fountain extension pipes.
  • 2 x threaded hose adapters (½ and ¾).
  • Pre-filter foam.
  • 10 metre cable.

Blagdon Minipond Pump 700 Manual

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 14/08/2018 19:08pm
    Blagdon Minipond Pump 700
    Feefo Logo
    Pump works perfectly, pond now looks great again.
  • Rating
    Date 23/04/2016 06:04am
    Blagdon Minipond Pump 700
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    A really good service and pump I should have orderd the next size up but that was my fault and not there's .
  • Rating
    Date 23/07/2015 08:07am
    Blagdon Minipond Pump 700
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    The pump works well and I hope this replacement does not develop a fault.
  • Rating
    Date 16/11/2014 11:11am
    Blagdon Minipond Pump 700
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  • Rating
    Date 15/11/2014 10:11am
    Blagdon Minipond Pump 700
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    The pump works well and has a good flow rate. The outer filter needs cleaning weekly if fish are in the pond. The knob to adjust the flow is tricky to use as it has no markings to help.