Blagdon Water Quality pH Adjuster

Increase or decrease the pH of your pond water with ease

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  • pH adjusting water treatment for alkaline ponds
  • One-time application treatment
  • pH increasing and decreasing treatments available
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Keeping the pH maintained in your pond can be frustrating but I've found it so easy with this adjustment kit.

What is Blagdon pH Adjuster?

Blagdon pH adjuster is an easy to use pond treatment that raises or lowers the pH of your pond. Both a low and high pH can be very dangerous for your fish and can lead to pond fish stress, diseases and illnesses. The treatment comes with a set of easy to follow instructions which you can use to work out how much you need to adjust your pond’s pH and the amount of treatment needed to regain a healthy pond environment. We stock both a pH adjuster for acid ponds and a pH adjuster for alkaline ponds.

Why should I buy Blagdon pH Adjuster?

Every pondkeeper knows that pH is incredibly important when it comes to pond maintenance and the health of pond life. Blagdon pH Adjuster makes it very easy to manage the pH of your pond, simply add a little to adjust pH gradually and you’ll have perfectly balanced water in no time. This is a great treatment to have on hand as so many things can cause your pond’s pH to tip wildly out of balance and bringing it back into a safe pH range quickly can save your fish from unnecessary stress.

What are the dangers of acidic or alkaline ponds?

Acidic or alkaline pond water can have similar effects on plant life and wildlife within a pond. Essentially, slightly acidic or slightly alkaline water can cause some minor issues, such as preventing growth and increasing fish stress in certain species while also helping others to thrive. However, extremely acidic and alkaline water will result in increased disease and harm to anything living within it.

How do I use Blagdon pH Adjuster to create a healthy pond environment?

Simply follow the instructions within each pack to work out how much pH Adjuster you need to add then carefully measure it out and pour it into your pond. You only need to use one treatment for the pH Adjuster to take effect. Make sure that the tested pH of your water is correct after the treatment has been used to ensure it has been effective.










Suitable for


pH Adjuster for Alkaline Ponds

Alkaline Ponds (pH >8.5)

Reduces pond pH

pH Adjuster for Acid Ponds

Acid Ponds (pH <6.5)

Increases pond pH

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