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The Blagdon Pond Oxygenator Air Pumps 1800, 2400 and 3600 are all high output air pumps for ponds. Made under the well known Blagdon range, the Air Pumps add aeration for healthy fish and pond life.


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Product Information

Pond aeration is an essential part of a successful pond. Pond Oxygenator pumps are able to run numerous air stones at any one time, creating a healthy oxygen rich pond that will benefit your fish and biological filter bacteria.

Your Pond Oxygenator pump is both cost effective to run, as it is low wattage design, and can be maintained with excellent value maintenance parts. Fish and other pond life require oxygen rich water in order to remain healthy, filter bacteria -essential to the breakdown of highly toxic ammonia and nitrate - also require oxygen to flourish, and keep the pond free from the build up of toxic waste.

Use of an air pump will dramatically increase the level of oxygen in the pond and reduce carbon dioxide levels, thus aiding in preventing the pond from stagnating by injecting air into the water.
Additionally, by placing air stones directly into the filter chambers, beneficial bacteria, essential to the well being of a pond, will be encouraged to grow, which in turn will greatly improve filter efficiency and fish health. For the smaller range see the Blagdon Oxygenator Air Pump Kits.

Key Features:

• Specifically designed for water garden application.
• Creates powerful aeration and circulation.
• Able to run multiple air stones at a time.
• Dramatically increases the level of oxygen in the water.
• Prevents pond stagnating.
• Can be used for aquarium application - great in a 'fish house'.

Don't forget to purchase your Air Stones and Airline so you are ready to go with your new Oxygenator Air Pump.

WattageGuaranteeFlow RateMax Pond Size (with Fish)Max Pond Size (with Koi)OutletsCable LengthMax Pumping Depth
180016w3 Years1800 lph10,000 ltrs / 2,200 gal5,000 ltrs / 1,100 gal65m2.2m / 7'2"
240020w3 Years2400 lph15,000 ltrs / 3,300 gal7,500 ltrs / 1,650 gal105m2.8m / 9'2"
360032w3 Years3600 lph22,000 ltrs / 4,839 gal11,000 ltrs / 2,420 gal205m3m / 9'10"

Purchase your annual service kit here.

Blagdon Pond Oxygenator Air Pump Manual

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