Blagdon Pond Test Kit

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Essential to keep to hand, this Blagdon Pond Test Kit allows you to monitor those factors in your pond that are often invisible to the eye, but essential to the important chemical balance in the water.

Product Information

The Blagdon Pond Test Kit tests for 4 common parameters to help you pinpoint any potential problems in your garden pond. Test for:

  • Ammonia - Toxic chemical produced by fish waste, can be lethal.
  • Nitrite - Caused by the breakdown of ammonia, nitrites can cause fish health problems
  • Nitrate - The end product of fish waste breakdown, causing stress and algae growth
  • Broad Range PH - Ensuring the correct alkalinity or acidity of pond water levels.

 Testing routinely can help alert you to any spikes in levels which can adversely affect water, fish and plant health. 

Test kit contents:

  • User friendly guide to pond water quality
  • 4 varieties of test tables in quantities to carry out ten tests for each
  • User friendly colour chart to provide easy to explain results
  • Associated equipment required to carry out testing


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