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  • Disease preventative pond treatment
  • Supports natural pond fish defences during stress
  • Handy dosing tool built-in to the bottle
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Fighting fish stress can be really hard for a fishkeeper, with this treatment it's as easy as treating a normal disease.

What is Blagdon Stress Away?

Blagdon Stress Away is a pond treatment designed to enhance your fishes’ natural defences. It is a preventative against fin rot, mouth rot and other diseases that might arise when your fishes’ immunity is low, such as the transition from summer to winter or when new fish are being added. This treatment comes in both a 250ml and 1l bottle so you can get the right amount for your pond.

Why should I buy Blagdon Stress Away?

Fish stress is a common enemy of pond keepers and it can turn into a major problem if your pond fish become infected with a disease while stressed. The only way to ensure your pond fish are kept safe during stressful periods, such as when a new fish or pond plants are added, is with a preventative treatment like Blagdon Stress Away. This treatment is particularly easy to use, thanks to the built-in dosing cap and clear instructions.

The treatment can be used as both a monthly disease preventative or to support pond fish during particularly difficult changes to your fish pond, such as when the water quality deteriorates over winter due to temperature changes or fish disease outbreaks.

How do I use Blagdon Stress Away?

Adding Blagdon Stress Away to your water is very straightforward. Simply use the instructions on the bottle to determine exactly what treatment you’ll need then measure it out using the dosing tool built into the bottle. Once it is measured out, take a bucket and fill it full of water from your fish pond and add the treatment to it. Mix the treatment and pond water then pour the mixture into your pond, spreading it around as much as possible to reduce the change in conditions for your pond plants.

This treatment should be used as a monthly disease preventative to support pond fish immunity, and slightly increased during disease outbreaks, temperature changes and other stress-causing events in your fish pond.

Is Blagdon Stress Away right for my pond?

Blagdon Stress Away can be used in any pond, as long as the fish are not intended for human consumption. The treatment is beneficial to all types of fish and harmless to plants and aquatic hardware.



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