AquaEl Classic: An ideal first fish tank

For a beginner looking to begin with the aquarium hobby, most will want a fish tank that is good looking, a moderate size and not too expensive. Beginners will also most likely want an aquarium that comes with the other necessary items like lighting and heating. For this purpose the AquaEl Classic range is perfect.

Swell Aquatics expert Mark Cropper said: “The AquaEl Classic is by far our most popular tank for beginners. It is cheap, easy to use and is basically a starter kit because it comes with food and treatments. “It has good lighting with the T8 tubing and there’s a really nice finish to the hood. Best of all it has a great internal filter, not a trickle filter like many other tanks.”

One of our best-sellers, the AquaEl Classic range are modern aquariums which include almost everything you need to get started with tropical or coldwater fish – but your pockets don’t need to be as deep as your fish tank.

AquaEl Classic: Features

The AquaEl Classic tanks are available in either the traditional rectangular shape or with a bow front. They range from the 40 to 100cm which have a capacity of between 20 litres and 200 litres. The moulded cover includes lighting, a hinged feeding hatch and an electronic ballast for your lighting.

aquael light

AquaEl light

The AquaEl includes an internal filter and a glass heater and thermostat. It may be tempting for a beginner to opt for the smallest, cheapest aquarium, but actually a large fish tank is easier to look after because the greater volume of water means any toxins take longer to spread in a larger tank.

AquaEl Classic: Form and function

The AquaEl Classic can be paired with your choice of cabinet to create a stunning centrepiece in your home. The cabinet is functional because it is designed to house some of the technical equipment that is required for your aquarium. You should also give some thought to whereabouts in your home you should place it. Placement is not only important for aesthetics but if, for example, you place it next to a window, the abundance of light may cause algae to grow in your fish tank.

The AquaEl Classic comes with extra bright T8 lighting that is IP67 waterproof certified – this means they are completely waterproof so even in the case that they submersed they won’t pose a threat to you or your fish. Many fishkeepers choose to keep tropical fish that typically live in water of 22-26C some even up to 30C, so it is necessary to keep them warm.

aquael lid

AquaEl lid

AquaEl Classic: Tank setup

The AquaEl Classics are complete “plug and play” units meaning they are fully equipped with lighting, heating and filtration. Food, water conditioner and filter start are also included.

Although the AquaEl Classic comes with all the basics you need but there are still some things that you need to make your set-up complete. Luckily these are all available from Swell. Test kits are paramount to ensure the correct water chemistry. There are also a few cheap items that no fishkeeper should be without – a gravel cleaner, a glass cleaner and a bucket.

aquael in the box

AquaEl tank and additional, important, low-cost fishkeeper products

Before you start putting fish in your aquarium the water has to be correctly cycled. This means that it must have the kind of beneficial bacteria in the water that your filter will need for biological filtration. A great product to start with is Seachem Stability.

For décor you can start with a vinyl background to give your aquarium a sense of depth. You can also create foreground and mid-ground décor using aquarium rocks. If you want to put live plants in your aquarium you need to invest in some planting substrate as well as your regular gravel.

AquaEl Classic: Decorating your fish tank

Most aqua-scapers put larger rocks in the background with smaller towards the foreground. Substrate should be used about 2-7cm deep depending on the look of your tank. If you intend to make a freshwater aqua-scape you have a range of options.

Swell sells both artificial plants and live plants so there is plenty of choice depending on the look you want to go for. You should also get some rocks to add realism and depth to your tank

While basic rocks and pebbles are available like the Swell Green Rainbow Pebbles, you can also opt for something more exotic like the Dragon Stone or Mini Landscape Rock which are favoured by some of the world’s leading aquarium designers especially the Japanese style ‘wabi sabi’ aquascapes. But whether you are the next Takashi Amano or new to the hobby, the AquaEl Classic is a great choice that is exactly what it says – a classic.

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Make sure you check out the latest AquaEl aquarium models here, with new LED lighting and improved features.

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Georgina is a member of the Swell UK marketing team and has been keeping tropical fish for a number of years now. Her favourite fish being the stunning, male Siamese Fighting Fish. She is also looking to expand her existing collection to include keeping saltwater fish as well. Her other pets include Bengal cat, Walter, and Labrador and Rottweiler cross, Presley.

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